• January 12, 2023

Grindstone Gets A Lot Of New Content In Surprise Update

Grindstone Gets A Lot Of New Content In Surprise Update

New levels, weapons and a unique enemy are waiting for your return to Apple Arcade’s best.

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Lionsgate Premiere/Grindstone Entertainment Group/Emmett-Furla-Oasis Films/Protozoa/Ingenious

Taken from Aftermath (2017). Thanks to Pepsi9072 who thinks Lionsgate should stop using ripping off my channel name

We Helped N’Zoth 1m Years Ago… New Whispers Dragonflight Theory Nobbel & Wowhead Reaction

A new Nobbel video (N’zoth Knew EVERYTHING) featured on Wowhead elaborates on a theory first pitched by the Blizzardwatch Lorewatch podcast, which suggests that when we went back to the Black Empire in the Thaldrassus Bronze Dragonflight levelling quests, the fact that we are wearing N’zoth’s eye meant he saw the whole future and could prepare accordingly. There are also those fun new old god whispers to look at too, so let’s talk!

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Grindstone – Lost Lair FREE update – New levels, gear, challenges & hats!!!

Grindstone’s latest update is OUT NOW and it basically wants to kill you:

– Explore the Lost Lair, an abandoned grindstone mine at the top of the mountain.
– Survive 20 new levels riddled with runaway minecarts, TNT crates, falling stalactites, and molten-grindstone lava.
– Defeat your new, narcoleptic nemesis; the fearsome Scavengr!
– Craft the powerful Rainbow Sword and Rainbow Armor.
– Weekly Challenges can now be found in Dotties House at the base of the mountain.
– Complete challenges before they expire to earn Jorj a new hat!
– Plus quality of life and bug fixes galore!

Download it now on Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch or the Epic Game Store!

For more information on Grindstone, visit:

Grindstone is a game of sword-slashing puzzle battles from the award-winning creators of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Super Time Force and Critter Crunch! Grindstone Mountain is overrun with vicious Creeps! Slay your way up its treacherous peak where fortune, glory (and death) awaits! It’ll take sharp puzzle skills and an even sharper blade to cleave your way through the swarms of bloodthirsty Creeps dwelling within Grindstone’s dungeons. Battle bosses, loot resources, discover long-lost blueprints for powerful gear, and prove your prowess on the daily mode’s leaderboards, all while cleaving the innards from your deadly foes! Over 200 levels of intense puzzle-battling madness!

The iam8bit physical edition of Grindstone for Nintendo Switch, comes with an exclusive set of custom creep-gut-colored crayons. That’s not all! Sam Webster’s original music for Grindstone has also released as a double LP, featuring original artwork by Nuri Durr. Both are available at:

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