• January 12, 2023

Halo Infinite Free Dynamic Background Now Available On Xbox, Here’s How To Get It

Halo Infinite Free Dynamic Background Now Available On Xbox, Here’s How To Get It

Microsoft’s first-ever game-based dynamic theme is out now, and it’s free and easy to unlock.

New Halo Infinite dynamic background for Xbox Series S / X

Microsoft has a new Halo Infinite dynamic background for the Xbox Series S / X. #shorts #halo #haloinfinite #xbox
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Here is is how to play halo infinite campaign for FREE and means that you will not be paying anything if you do what I will show you. Follow along all the steps that I will show you on how to get halo infinite campaign for free and how to go about doing it. #haloinfinite #laserbolt

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Halo Infinite – How to download and PLAY Unreleased Game Modes (XBOX and PC)

I was only previously able to launch these offline, but it looks like you guys can try them now too! You can now play Unreleased Game Mode Prototypes Online with Friends like VIP, Juggernaut, Bot Score Attack, Infection, and More!
Just add the gamertag Surasia and look up his file share!
Watch the video if you are having trouble with anything.
I also backed up the game modes on my file share (Corbman).
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Xbox Series Dynamic Backgrounds – Two you might not know about

In this video I will show you how to access dynamic backgrounds on your Xbox series system and show you two backgrounds only available to those who have the items.