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Introducing RAGE 2, a new first-person shooterverse!


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Karak sits down to review Rage 2 out tomorrow on Xbox, PS4 and PC. Correction the side activities are more narrative driven mini quests than side quests.
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Rage 2 Review

Rage 2 reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Rage 2: The BFG 9000 and 11 Minutes of Awesome New Gameplay – IGN First:

The First 20 Minutes of Rage 2 Gameplay:

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RAGE 2 – All Bosses (With Cutscenes) HD 1080p60 PC

A gameplay video showing all of the bosses from RAGE 2 with cutscenes for the PC in 1080p60 HD! Enjoy! 🙂
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Intro: 0:00
Boss 1: Authority Sentry – 6:52
Boss 2: Abadon Warhead – 8:29
Boss 3: Lug the Nut – 8:45
Boss 4: Cyber Crusher – 9:45
Boss 5: Abadon Warhead (2) – 12:37
Boss 6: Sackhead the Painbringer – 16:50
Boss 7: Jumbo – 17:40
Boss 8: Smeggo the Vile – 24:31
Boss 9: Abadon Warhead (3) – 25:51
Boss 10: Grull the Juggernaut – 26:50
Boss 11: Cyber Crusher (2) – 28:57
Boss 12: General Cross – 31:28
Boss 13: Digg & Dugg – 36:53
Boss 14: Cyber Crusher (3) – 39:15
Boss 15: Convoy – 42:00
Boss 16: Cyber Crusher (4) – 46:03

Final Boss: Colossal Titan – 48:45
Ending – 53:50

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