• January 12, 2023

Switch Has Outsold The Wii, Making It Nintendo’s Best-Selling Home Console Ever

Switch Has Outsold The Wii, Making It Nintendo’s Best-Selling Home Console Ever

With over 103 million sales since 2017, the Switch continues to be one of Nintendo’s best-performing consoles of all time.

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Nintendo Switch Has a REAL Chance at Becoming the BEST Selling System of ALL-TIME! Here’s How!

After tallying up the sales numbers for the Nintendo Switch and factoring in the pace of the Switch sales and potential software, the Switch has a legit shot at becoming the best selling system of all-time! Let’s break it down right here.
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Nintendo Switch Sales Soar Beyond Xbox 360

The Nintendo Switch has now sold more than 84 million units making it the eighth best-selling console ever.

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Nintendo Switch Outsells the Wii and PlayStation + Metroid Dread’s SHOCKING Sales Numbers

The Nintendo Switch officially crosses 103 million systems sold putting it ahead of Nintendo’s best-selling home console, the Wii as well as the original PlayStation. Metroid Dread has also had some shockingly good sales. All is detailed in Nintendo’s latest quarterly earnings report.

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