• January 12, 2023

WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Will Test Same-Faction Battlegrounds This Weekend

WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Will Test Same-Faction Battlegrounds This Weekend

In an effort to reduce massive matchmaking times for Horde players, Blizzard will be testing the ability to battle against teams of the same-faction in Burning Crusade Classic’s PvP Battlegrounds.

The Faction Problem – It’s Not About To Get Any Better

Less than 1 month in, the “called it” moment has happened, and in a BIG way – let’s talk faction balance
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Fixing PvP in Classic TBC breaks faction imbalance even more!

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In the article below I talk about how fixing PvP in Classic TBC can add to the faction imbalance! Let me know your thoughts.

Article discussed – https://tbc.wowhead.com/news/testing-same-faction-battlegrounds-in-burning-crusade-classic-323169

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TBC Battleground Queue Times Fixed | Thank You Blizzard

TBC Battleground Queue Times Fixed | Thank You Blizzard

In today’s video, I talk about a recent update that Blizzard will be implementing in TBC Classic. As you all know, battleground queue times are horrendous for horde players. Blizzard has addressed the issue by creating same faction battleground queue’s if you cant find the opposite faction. Blizzard will be implementing the test this weekend to see if the long queue times will be resolved. Enjoy!

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Source: https://www.bluetracker.gg/wow/topic/us-en/1016325-testing-same-faction-battlegrounds-in-burning-crusade-classic/

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NEW UPDATES on Same Faction Battlegrounds (bgs) in TBC Classic

NEW UPDATES on Same Faction Battlegrounds (bgs) in TBC Classic – The Burning Crusade
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From Blizzard:


First and foremost, thank you to everyone who played Battlegrounds last week and sent us thoughtful and informed feedback on same-faction play. While we don’t plan to re-enable it again over the next few days, we’re analyzing the data we collected, and we’re planning to test more soon.
Here are some of our initial findings that will inform our next test:

Before this test, most players who joined the queue were unable to get a match, sometimes after waiting for over an hour and/or dropping out of the queue altogether. This was particularly unfortunate at some times of day or in some regions. During the test, BG queue times became short and reliable for both factions.

Prior to the first test, we wondered if the queue was having an effect on PvP in the outdoor world, and we now have data showing that when same-faction Battlegrounds were available, PvP deaths in the outdoor world were very close to 50/50 between the factions.

Similarly, win-rates for the two factions when facing the other faction in Battlegrounds were close to 50/50.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve completed our analysis, have decided on any further tweaks to the system, and are ready to test it again.
And again, thank you very much for your feedback as we explore potential solutions.”

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